Self-Actualization is Possible

7 Saturdays

Let me tell you the destination in life, it’s a coffin, with no heart beating inside of you and a brain that is no longer alive.

One life to live isn’t just a show, it’s the script to your life.

That’s already written. Birth to death.

What happens in-between is your choice.

You can work a job you hate, have crappy relationships, feel unfulfilled, never discover your hidden potential, never follow your dreams, and never take risks. Basically, you can be normal.

Or you can be freed from the fear that pushes you to please others. You can choose to live by your own personal code instead of being enslaved by social norms and pressures and you can fulfill your deepest inner-needs while experiencing the pinnacle of psychological health and happiness. You can be more than you ever imagined.

Self-Actualization is possible.

Seriously. This is the guiding goal of my…

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