Make up and High heels Therapy

One thing that can change the curve of my smile from upside down to straight would be make up. I just love make up.  It makes me feel complete, confident and just happy!! Whoever came up with the idea of makeup needs thumbs up wherever he or she is. Today morning I just realized that my make up completes me. It is so important to me my eye liner, my lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, mascara to name but a few. They are what brighten my morning; they are what make waking up worthwhile, they are my little guys that cannot leave my purse. They are my companion, my best friends.Image

I recently graduated into a higher level of this ‘cult’; I got me a Red Mac lipstick. Wow!! This is huge! Not everyone I know will just wake up and say, well, I want to apply a red lipstick… And they say, cool… nice! And walk away into their days. Not everyone at least where I come from. Dark skin? Lipstick? Red lipstick? Not where I am coming from. So I took this bold step and Alas! I got one and it did not stop there… I applied it on my lips and stayed with it a whole day… then the next day!Image

You know what was so magical those two days; my moods were just high up. My confidence sky rocketed all the way up. I felt good about myself. I didn’t care for anyone’s opinion at that particular point. Complements were just bonuses here but not necessary. All I cared about was the smile that I put to that red lipsticked lady on the mirror. It was such a great feeling to fill the world with positive energy. I actually got my chance to change the world. Make up has a way on me. It is very therapeutical in a way. It is fun for starters; it is exciting to see the transformation that takes place in the process of application.

Give me make up give me high heels, same effect, different approaches. Give me both of them, double positive tragedy!! It is my high. So I have one word for high heels, respect. That’s what I feel towards every pair I own. They just know what to do to, how to do it to make me happy. And respect because I cannot explain it. So if you want to know the reason I am happy today, go out there and get yourself a pair of heels, tiny tiny ones for starters and make sure you graduate as you go, all the way to 7 inches!!!… and a box of makeup to cheer yourself up. I promise they don’t bite! Don’t be uptight, loosen up a little. It will not hurt. Have a lovely day.


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