My Father, My Friend..

Who am I? What did I do to deserve such enormous love?

Love that is so comforting, it will calm down the greatest anxiety

Love so great it has got not boundaries,

Love so wide spread it has got no finish line…

Love so plenty it is enough for everyone.

Yes everyone can have a share of his love,

My Father can be your father,

Run to him all you who seek comfort,

Seek him and he will find you

His doors are wide open for everyone,

He is my knight in shining armor….

He is my redeemer.

He is my savior

He is my father, my God.

He is a very able father and he will give you all that you will need.

Ask him and he will give you.

Oh my, my God is a generous God.

I love him. But I cannot love him enough

I cannot give back enough. All I can do is thank him

And I will praise him to the end,

I will give back in form of praise

But I cannot praise him enough.

You are all welcome to my father’s house.

He has room for everyone.

The thirsty, the needy, those who hunger to be loved

Those who need a friend, those who seek happiness

He is there for all you out there,

You are not fulfilled until you have known Him,

You have not found true happiness until you have experienced his joy

He is patiently waiting for you to come to him.

And do you know the most surprising thing?

He already loves you. And He is watching you

He is waiting for you to acknowledge Him.

This God is so amazing. He is that amazing

Be blessed and remember you are never alone.


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