To get that comfortable life, get out of that comfort zone!!

There comes a point in life when you just feel like you are blank and have no idea which direction your life is headed. You wake up to do whatever you always do; run errands then go back home and sleep… and so on. Your life is on a standstill. You may not be aware of it because you are just taking it as it comes. Nothing big is happening for you, at the same time nothing small is. You are running in some sort of a cycle, some sort of a race that you are entangled in and cannot get out of. You are not unhappy, you are not happy. You are just there. Accepting anything that comes your way, thinking rationally and doing what is best ( you think..), doing what you got to do to be who you ought to be.  That is the position I feel to be in right now.

Nothing comes easy, absolutely nothing. You cannot just seat, complain and expect manna to fall from heaven. Everything has a price tag on it and whatever you want to receive you have to pay for. If you want a bigger house (a house for that matter), a fancy car, your kids to get the best education, to eat in fancy restaurants and all those other things that come with a price tag on them, you have to be willing to get out of that comfort zone in order to have that comfortable life. You have to be ready to think of the unthinkable and to actually act and not speak. Your decisions, your actions will get you to where you want to be. I am learning that every day and it really pains me to see myself still in the same position not thinking of ways to get out of this comfort zone. I am just accepting my so called fate as it comes to me. I just know and I don’t want to complain because I already know what I am doing to myself. We put ourselves in the positions we are in. we are accountable to ourselves.

Next time you find yourself complaining about something, know it is your fault that whatever is happening to you is happening to you. Our God is a very generous God and he does not want to see us suffer. God blessed the works of our hands and we have to this work in order for it to be blessed! I am thinking of ways to get myself out of this comfort zone. I am headed the right direction and I am happy for myself. The first step is always the thought. To get that comfortable life you have to get out of that comfort zone!!


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