With God…

Happy New Year people!!!! It’s a very happy new year for me and I know I wouldn’t be happier about any other year than I am this year. I believe that this year has got great things in store for me and the great things will make great changes in my life.

2012 a lot of things came through to me and I am very grateful for that year so far 2012 is the best year I have had in my life. I mean it is the year that surprised me the most out of every year and it is the year that made a lot of difference in my life. A lot of significant things happened to me, good and bad. The bad somehow got covered in ways that really surprised me.

The beginning of 2012 I was in one of the lowest point I have ever been in my life, I mean I felt as if everything was going to fall apart. I was practically tiring inside and outside and I felt so alone and I knew that there was no point that was lower than that particular point I was in. I thought I was in the worst position ever! And nobody could top up or well literally dig lower how low I felt then.

You see I was pregnant. And as it turned out I was going to be in it single handedly. I didn’t have money; I didn’t know where to get money from. Okay I had a job and I had some money. But when something is unplanned for it can completely tear you apart in terms of worry and thinking that you will not make it! You will not be able to afford it! Well, this was not to continue for a long time. One day I just woke up and went to church. I cried my heart out to God I just asked him to come through to me and give me peace in my heart. I realized that peace was all I needed. And was all I wanted. I didn’t want money, I didn’t want acceptance from anyone. I just wanted peace in my heart.

Where I worked for starters, we didn’t have maternity and delivery in our medical insurance cover. And maternity clinic expenses as anyone who has been there knows, is super expensive. No.1 I was going to be earning less than half of my usual salary now that I was pregnant for the rest of my pregnant time given that I was going to have a different job description. This wasn’t good. I had the need to start saving money for baby things and for delivery costs and I had about 5 months to do this!! I was supposed to be very worried because these were very pressing issues but after the church incident I was at peace with myself, worry was the last thing in my mind. I was living healthy. I was taking it a day at a time. And I was happy. I had FAITH. So where am I going to get money? That was a mystery I never bothered with.

One morning at work I just received an email from our human resource manager sent to all the employees. In this email she said that our insurance cover had been amended one of which would be the introduction of maternity cover. This was because employees demanded for a different insurance company to do the medical cover because of loopholes in the old one. They had no choice but to amend their policies lest their contract was not renewed. I was not in the minds of anyone at that point. In fact some of these people arguing didn’t even know who I was. But there I was, going to be the first one to benefit from the new cover. I basically had the freedom to pick which hospital I wanted to go to in Nairobi and the Doctor I wanted to examine me. I a freedom of choice and yet I couldn’t afford this freedom just a few days before. When I saw that email I immediately knew everything was okay and that was God coming through to me. That was the biggest puzzle and that was solved.

Everything else fell in place after that. And how it did is a story I will live to tell. To cut the long story short, the little money that I managed to save, I never used it for those purposes. I have and I had everything that I ever needed. And it all came from friends and family. It all came to me somehow and it is and was all there when I needed it. I had two baby showers. All organized without my knowledge and in both they thought they would buy stuff for me and also donate some money for me. My very close friends organized this and I was in tears then and I am in tears now that I remember the joy that I felt then and the joy it brought in me. God was so amazing to me; he gave me more than I even wanted. More than I can even say. God came through to me in more than one way and this that I have told you is just one of the ways he did. He gave me peace of mind and he provided for me.

This year I am putting God first. I trust him in everything. I am leaving it all to him. He didn’t let me down last year. Last year ended on a high note and yet it had began on a low note. This year has began on a high note so you know what that means for me. This year i know he will bless me more, so much I will not be able to accommodate!!! But I will accept it all as it comes my way! I have created room for all of it! Have a blessed year ahead.

Always remember, with God nothing is impossible.


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