Women trapped in Men’s bodies…

There is this defination of men that i have always had in my mind. : A man is a powerful being that is in contol of situations, a man is on top of all circumstances and with his presence in a household or a village, a woman is supposed to be at peace and not worry about anything. Anything from heavy duty work to availability of food,clothing and shelter for his household and the village. A man for that matter is also the eyes and brains for his entity. A man ensures that there is safety, and in
case this is breached he is the front runner in ensuring that the family is safe. He dies first, he breaks his neck, his back but only to ensure that his family is not touched. A man is this incredible being that is muscular and big. A being that can single handedly carry his entire family with his bare hands, climb them up a hill and keep them safe- this is a man. The true man picture that i have always had in my mind. And ofcourse with the modern times the picture is altered abit to suit the current times.

A man is always and should be what a man is supposed to be. Modern times excuse aside, he is still a man and a man should be a man and act like a MAN!! The principles are the same. Don’t be deceived, don’t make excuses, don’t drift away from the concept in the name of modernity and gender equality… A man should be and shouldn’t drift from who he is. No shortcuts or jumping the queue!!. If you are a man and have no idea what i am talking about, go ahead ‘google’ who a man is and what is expected of him… Pardon me, what? You googled? Okay ask yourself if that is what a man should or shouldn’t have done. If you are confused of whether you are man enough well you probably aren’t!! A man is a sure deal no question, no hesitation, no bargaining about it. Listen, a man who knows for a fact that he is one is indeed a MAN, from the way which he carries himself, from the look in his eyes, from the tone of his voice, from his dressing, his smell… He is and he knows it!

You can tell a man from how he handles his lady. He is gentle and tender to her. You can tell from just how he looks at her. The motivation that is drawn from her to him and how it’s reflected in his actions and in his day to day work- you can see it all in a real man. A truly respectful man to his lady and to other women. You see, this man knows that his lady is his lady and his lady is a woman and a woman is something delicate and something precious. He understands his lady as she his. He understands that she is inteligent the way that she is and that she is the key to alot of things in his world. His lady, his woman is the reason he gets up everyday and works his ass off!! Everything he does he does to impress this being. He lives for that bravo look that the lady gives him at the end of a tiring day, the look that says ‘honey you did good!’.. He lives and strives just to get that look. A man knows and a man sees sees through a fragile looking woman, a strong woman and still handles her delicately…

A man does not seat around and let his lady bring the bacon home. A man does not whine or complain about waking up early in the morning. A man is not a weakling. A man does not shout or throw careless words especially directed at his lady! A man knows better than argue with a woman. A man who understands who he truly is, walks away from arguments with women. An argument which wouldn’t have come up if the man was indeed a true man in the first place!! A man does not put hiself before his family and children. A man denies himself for his family. A man suffers in the rain for his family!! A man, well does not eat chicken in a restaurant whilts his family is sleeping hungry(really, they are there!). A man knows luxury is no luxury if the luxury is not for his family and children.

The defination of a man is simple. A man is a man!!! Otherwise a man is just a woman trapped in a man’s body.


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