My fashion designer dream…
We all have dreams. We dream all the time, every time. Some are unrealistic fantasies others are dreams that were meant to just be dreams, others are dreams that actually can be pursued if properly followed up. What makes all these different is determined by you at least that is what I think. I wonder why dreams differ.
Well, others can’t be pursued by you for one reason or another no matter how hard you try it. It just refuses to fall in place the way you want them to no matter how hard you try to follow them up. Maybe we can blame fate on how things turn out, maybe it’s just our upbringing as Africans, maybe it’s the Dna that one could have. Lack of exposure and so on….. We always have one thing or another that we can always blame for not being able to pursue our dreams… Maybe it’s too scary- the fear of the unknown. Pick what you want to blame! In the end it’s up to you and it’s your life and how far you would want to go to pursue your dreams is all within you.
I recently decided to pursue my dream. A dream I can trace to when I was 8 years old. And this dream was to be a fashion designer. Back then I didn’t know they were known as fashion designers I just knew I wanted to be able to make my own clothes and clothes for my doll. I remember actually attempting to make a skirt… *giggles*that maybe turned out to be something else funny looking. I struggled with my little hands to make it, maybe I was 10 or so but that was a project that took a lot of my time!! And I remember I gave it my all… As I grew older I picked up an interest in fashion and I could express myself in different ways. I appreciated different fashion tastes and viewed fashion differently from my peers. Being in a conservative African setting I just followed the norms as I grew up. However I believe that there is a lot that has changed over the years and a lot of these changes have affected us positively.
Fashion especially in Kenya is on the conservative “am familiar with” side and it goes without saying that we have got a long way to go. It is just ODD to wear some things, strange to do some things. And very unsayable to parents that you want to pursue some dreams especially in fashion design. Most of us know how our parents would react if we told them we wanted to pursue some dreams back then and sadly even now!!! But then again times have changed and Kenyans are slowly by slowly beginning to embrace new things, and new cultures as the world gets smaller and new ideas keep coming in and out easily then we realize that there is nothing wrong with pursuing “certain careers” careers that are considered not affluent enough by some people in the society. I must say fashion design is one of those careers that is yet to appreciated and embraced by Kenyans.
If something was meant to be it will be and if some dream keeps popping up even after you completely divert from it, it is something that you should follow up. Never worry about what people will say. Its your dream and yours alone! I know, what you are probably thinking, who has never dreamt of making their own clothes, have them specific to their taste? Especially when you go out to the shop looking for a specific color, a specific type of outfit and you don’t get what you have in mind. Others might not have had that dream flash through their heads at some point but others have had it in them all the time. Others actually pursue it.
Like any dream, you can only get there if you are capable of doing it, if you believe it is something inside you that you can do to perfection, go ahead and do it. If you don’t follow it up that’s your loss and probably it is the ultimate source of joy that you will ever get. If you can dream about it but don’t have the skills to do it its best you just pursue something else. How do you know that you have the skills? Trying it out then doesn’t succeed. I believe that I have the skills, . Very true story.
I am now taking my dream seriously and I am making it my top agenda. I am going to share with you step by step my journey as I pursuing my dream. You will be with me all through and I am hoping I will be with you as you share your dream. Let’s pursue this dream together, go for your dream. You never know how far it is or how far it will take you. At least you will be happy with yourself because you will be pursuing YOUR DREAM. And you are never a failure in doing so. Indulge me with your dream!!! Because I have you…
Enjoy the rest of your week dreamers!!!!


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