This thing called emotion, where it stays, its size, its extremes… I leave it all to God. What is this thing called emotion? What triggers it? How high can it rise? How far can it go? Just how big is it? How big can it get? How small is it? How small can it get? Can it disappear into thin air? Can it vaporize and solidify? What color is it? I think it’s pink… or probably red. Who knows it could be green, like the color of nature, is it a natural thing? Is it? It has to be. Where is it stored? How does it fit where it’s stored? Is it elastic? Is it fragile? Is it mortal? Is it immortal? If I can get the answers to the above questions I will be a very happy person today.

Emotion is a very powerful thing/person/force….. What it calls itself in it’s world I believe it knows best, it picks best! I wonder why it mostly dwels inside the female species, does it pick us or does it just do better in us than in the male species?… Is emotion male? Is it female? Is it bisexual? Can it multiply? Why does it pick on us? Why does it pick on me? Is it me? Is it? Well I have no idea. The theory behind emotion is a theory I am yet to understand.

Emotion does better in the female species; it thrives better in it than it does in the male species. It gets to boast about its existence better when it is in the female species. This tricky thing emotion has got me all worked up, all wondering why it’s all showy. Blooming when it’s inside the female species. This subject has got no issue with the female species in fact it has more issues with the male species. It’s more at home in the female body because it gets the recognition it deserves and the attention it wants. It’s more acquitted to the female body because they fit in together. The female body accepts it. As if that is not enough the female body shows its existence in a more open way that comes out in ways known to us such as tearing, shouting, screaming( in a louder voice than the latter species), tearing laughter,anxiety-is it?… The female body accepts it.

This very smart force/thing/person that I have come to accept to be my best friend has really made me fall for its/his/her trap. Making me think it is just picky. This tricky thing emotion… hahahaha! I finally figured it out. Have you too? Well I have. It likes challenges. It sees a challenge, it takes it, wait…let me explain… you see this thing emotion dwells in more quantities/volumes inside the male species- fact. It yearns to fit in with the male species, this is the challenge. It gets it very easy with the female, effortlessy. The male species on the other hand is a real challenge. It gives its best to the male species. The more the male species refuses to fit in with it the more it grows and the more it builds up. It hungers to be seen, and it hungers to be blossom. It thirsts for attention- this parasite. So it continues to build up with the hope that someday it will be recognized and appreciated by the host…

The male species, the emotion. These two different individuals don’t fit with each other. However they have the most of each other. Even so at the end of every game there is a winner. Very rarely we witness emotion winning, when the male species surrender to it. With the surrender emotion smiles with victory. When there is no surrender by the male species, there is a build up and growth in emotion. When it finally pops out it will do it very well… Newton’s third law of motion- every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Men are more emotional than women. I haven’t figured out so much about emotion but this, I have figured out as much.

Lovely emotional weekend people!!!

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